Luggage Transfer, Amber Valley to Liverpool.

Luggage Transfer, Amber Valley to Liverpool.

We don’t just transport people here at Steves Cars. We can help with pretty much any and all concierge services that need ground transport assistance help across the UK. Cabin crew, Pilots. Even dogs to dog hospitals!

We had a call from some international clients of ours saying they needed some help. One of their colleagues was visiting from out of the country and had a pretty heavy work schedule. In order to make life easier, they needed a luggage transfer for them to avoid having to travel with large, long stay suitcases.

The gentleman was at the clients office in the Amber Valley. He had to go to London for a couple of days and then shoot off for an extended stay in Liverpool.

Our Job? Transport these cases from their head office over to the hotel in Liverpool so the gent could travel with simple hand luggage.

Now we know this isn’t a day to day occurrence, not everyone needs to send their cases on-wards to be available on arrival. But every now and again, we just need someone to help make our lives simpler. So that is just what we did!

We can help with pretty much any ground transport based problem you need help solving. It all starts with a phone call. 01773 525 323. Have a chat with the control team, let us in on how we can help and we’ll do our best to provide you with a solution. It might be a one off or a regular difficulty you are facing. Either way. It just starts with a conversation.

Luggage transfer assistance can be from train stations to Air B’n’B’s, Hotels, Family homes and more. The guys and Girls at Steves Cars operate across the full length and breadth of the UK. Where you go, We go!

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