Taxi Driver Jobs! Drivers Wanted

We are a busy taxi firm with both private hire drivers and Hackney licensed Drivers on the books.

We actively seeking professional drivers interested in working with us.
All our drivers are self employed owner drivers.

GET IN TOUCH! : email info@stevescars.co.uk. Office 01773 525 323

We are looking for drivers close to Belper, Ripley, Alfreton, Matlock, Duffield, Allestree, and others along the A6 corridor.

If you have ever thought about becoming a taxi driver, get in touch for a chat. Steve’s Cars (offices in Belper, Amber Valley ) are a busy firm offering a wide range of services to the general public and businesses across the area and beyond. From daytime drivers, night drivers, part time weekend taxi drivers and more, we can offer work across the Amber Valley.

The team are very experienced. We can have a frank and honest chat about the life, the work and more. We can help you get your license, discuss the right car for you and the nature of the work you would like to get.

Steve’s cars is an operator in the Amber Valley. If you have an existing AV PH/HACK license, Maybe you work for another local taxi firm, talk to us about coming on board. We have to turn work down every day, more so at the weekend and the phone literally rings off the hook.

Our drivers get about! From Belper, Duffield, Ripley and Alfreton, Kilburn, Denby, Derby, All UK airports and more. Your day will certainly be varied. One minute picking shoppers up from the shops, next a run down to Derby Royal Hospital. Derby or Alfreton train stations. Maybe it is contract work to Nottingham or further. We can certainly keep you busy.

From working part time to jumping in every day. You could be working around existing commitments or already have your own car and service but want extra work. Come and have a cup of tea with us and chat things through.

For new drivers, we can help with every aspect of getting your license. We know the licensing team, we know people who can help you out with sourcing a vehicle, we know insurance providers, garages, tyre shops and more. If you want to join us, there really are no barriers.

Working as a taxi driver in the Amber Valley is different to working in other cities like Derby or Nottingham for example. We support the same faces day in day out. We transport families, those with additional needs, the older generation as well as those on nights out and corporate visitors. You will need to help people on a regular basis. Carry shopping, put walking aids in the boot and have a lot of patience.

We have a great reputation. If you value great customer service and want to be part of something bigger, get in touch. marketing@stevescars.co.uk / 01773 525 323

Taxi driver card payments! Take payments in the car, get yourself a Sum up Card reader!