Contact Steves’s Cars.

The absolute best and fastest way to get your booking in the diary is to pick up the phone.

Call us on 01773 525 323.

Phones will be answered from 6am till 11pm (later at the weekend) 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We are a busy Taxi company in the Amber Valley with multiple phones lines into the office. Please keep trying. Sometimes, the phones ring off the hook!

Our customer service legends have instant access to all car bookings, diaries, vehicle locations and more and are categorically THE BEST people to answer your query. Facebook and email questions will get answered, but if it is urgent. The phone will be your best friend.

For additional queries and questions or any other business, email us at: info@stevescars.co.uk

You can follow our goings on over on facebook too. Drop us a like, keep in touch!

If you have something you think we’d like to hear about, some advertising maybe, potential partnerships and interesting things along its any news syndication or local business advertising requests, ping us an email: marketing@stevescars.co.uk