Amber valley news, events and more

Amber valley news, events and more

We love sharing local news and exciting things from around the Amber Valley.

From PR stories to local events, happy goings on and achievements across the board.
We’d love to be an ‘online notice board’ for the community so if you have something to share, get in touch.

We have a well visited website and well engaged socials so sharing your stories and interesting things makes sense if you are seeking exposure and interest in everything from success stories, local hero’s and events.

Our offices are based in Belper and we cover the wider Amber Valley Area, along the A6 down through Milford and Allestree and on into Derby. If your news or interesting thing may be of interest to this catchment or your PR story is something of interest to this demographic too, then feel free to include us in your email and news syndication.

Please note however, we are a busy busy private hire and taxi firm and our clients always come first. Any delay in response to email news submissions or website publishing is simply down to us needing to operate with our community as a priority. We’ll get round to your exciting news as soon as we can.

We Won’t be able to research your story, your socials or your accompanying images I’m afraid. We can only publish what you submit.

Please include:

– All accompanying text. Publishable as is. It will not be re-worded or re-written.
– All links to any event bookings or further info. We won’t have time to research.
– Titles for all posts.

Image submissions.
Online posts and social sharing all have infinitely more success when accompanied by images. You need to submit images. Posts will not be published without. Images.
Images MUST BE IN A LANDSCAPE ASPECT. Anything in a portrait aspect will not be published.

News/stories and interestingness, please submit to: marketing@stevescars.co.uk

Following these guidelines makes our lives easier and in turn, enables us to publish your content.

We’re a local business and service the local community. It makes sense for us to service the local business community as best we can too.

Keep in touch! We’ll do our best to syndicate any news published out to our mail list subscribers too!
Sign up: https://mailchi.mp/d44b41026e82/steves-cars-mailer-sign-up

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