Safe space, safe cars.

Safe space, safe cars.

AMber Valley taxi

We’re gonna talk about SAFE SPACES for a mo.

NO ONE should be making you feel unsafe, No matter the time of day. From the dark and cold of dawn to the empty streets in the evening. Date night, walking home, out with friends and more. Sometimes, you can feel alone. Even in a crowd of people.

If you are ever in a spot of bother or feeling vulnerable, call the office. Just hearing a friendly voice can make yourself and situations easier. Making it clear to others around you that you are on the phone puts someone else in the picture. You location and someone to hear whats going on.

The team on the phones at Steve’s Cars are awesome. They care.

All our cars are warm AND safe spaces.

If you are out and about and you feel like you are being followed by ‘peaky minors’, perhaps you are on a tinder date that has gone sideways or the people around you have drunk too much and the night is going in a direction that you are not comfortable with, we’ll do our best for you.

Now we can’t guarantee a car in every situation, but the experienced operators, real people not apps or pre-recorded messages will do their best. Pre booking your taxi pick up can add a lot to peace of mind. Knowing someone safe is waiting for you outside at a predetermined time gives you a ‘bookend’. A time stamp to work towards.

You will get a text message letting you know what car is waiting for you, the registration number and the name of the driver. You can track us too so you know where and how far away we are. If needed, we can come into venues and walk you out. We’ve even sent driver selfies to people so they know who they are looking for!
If needed, we can wait and watch for you to get inside.

No one should be making you feel uncomfortable so no matter if you are a lone female, a strapping rugby lad, part of the lgbtq+ community, a visitor to town or a long standing resident… you WILL find a safe space in any of our cars.

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