Reunion Belper.

Reunion Belper.

You could be forgiven for thinking car 9 spends his time mincing about Belper drinking tea and looking for lemon drizzle cake. Forgiven, because despite the odd bit of driving, that is exactly what he does.

It’s not just lemon drizzle as part of his ‘community cake watch’ calling, it’s also a nice bit of brekkie.

Today, he went off to visit Reunion.

“Sitting on Strutt Street, just down from the Co op and Post office, next to Strutt Women lives Reunion. A cafe, deli, breakfast spot, co-working hub, event space and elbow deep in the community kind of central space for awesome things. Place like this are few and far between and exactly what towns like Belper need.
Cafes in small towns can sometimes either be tied to the locals or a tourist spot the locals avoid. Reunion manages to bridge gaps, meaning that when enjoying a brew, you could be rubbing shoulders with members of the local business community, ladies who lunch or even, (I’m sure) the mayor! (don’t hold that as fact though… Is there even a mayor of Belper?) Anyway. Everyone, no matter who gets a big smile and hello.

Up stairs, they do co-working. It can be lonely being a micro business/independent owner managed business. So you can bring your laptop and beaver away drinking latte and eating lemon drizzle. Co-working makes you feel a little more connected to the world. Doing it at reunion enables you to meet some nice people whilst doing it.
Downstairs, its tables, toilets, deli-counter and other bits of bobs of interesting.

So lets talk about grub.
Let’s just say, the menu has been explored. From brie and bacon, good old lemon drizzle, a bacon sarnie or 7, it’s all good. However the default is Huevos Rancheros. yummy yummy in my tummy. Go visit and you will find out what it is if you don’t know. 
Today the choice was smoked salmon and scrambled egg.
Now scrambled egg is a bit of an interesting subject. Some make it with milk, some use oil..(urgh). Some add cream. Sometimes it’s a bit insipid, sometimes too hard and sometime its made in the blummin MICROWAVE!!!! (oh the Horror) In my humble opinion, scrambled egg is one of those chef ‘markers’. A good chef can make good scramblers, therefore anything else has to be good. Right?

I can whole heartedly say. It was awesome. Fluffy, soft and there was plenty of it.
So, Scrambled egg – Gooood. Smoked Salmon – Goooood. In all honesty, we didn’t need the fancy pea shoot garnish thing. But hey, it made it look pretty.

Its always a good cup of tea too. Strong and full of flavour with a fancy tea bag. Nice touch.

So if you need some brunch, the Reunion I’m sure will tick your boxes. Go find out more about their offerings here: https://reunionbelper.co.uk

They also have a solid deli offering so from fancy cheese to Derbyshire Tea bags so it’s pretty much a one stop shop.

Reunion is also an event space. Various community groups , business events and private bookings can be seen there having a boogie, a butty or a chinwag. Click on through to their website and all the details will be laid out for interested minds.

Steves is a busy taxi firm based in Belper. Our drivers are always cruising down past Reunion and it always seems busy and has a bustle and a happy hustle going on. It’s one of those places we’d always recommend when asked ‘Where’s good for brekkie’.
There is nearby car parking and hey who doesn’t enjoy a good stroll! (it is accessible FYI.. If strolling isn’t as enjoyable as we just stated)

Here at Steves, we thought we’d do our best to ‘formally’ explore the wider Amber Valley community. From cafes to restaurants, services and more. Being a Local taxi and private hire company we want to ensure we are as connected to what is going on in the wider community as possible. If there is somewhere you think we should check out: steves.taxis@outlook.com say hello! “

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