Park Life Cafe at the Swiss Cottage, Belper River Gardens

Park Life Cafe at the Swiss Cottage, Belper River Gardens

Belper River Gardens

Belper River Gardens is a charming spot full of early summer bustle. Grandparents having a wander with their Grandchildren, people meeting friends, birdwatchers, sunshine loving book readers and people just looking for a quiet spot to listen to the river and enjoy the open air. 

Park Life Cafe at the Swiss Cottage is lovely little cafe with both indoor and outdoor seating. The kind of place where you can imagine feeling all cosy in the winter, drinking hot chocolate watching the rain as well as eating ice cream on a summers day watching the world go by. There is a real social feel to it. People chit chatting all around, friendly serving staff, the birds flying and of course, the water drifting by adding to the lazy Sunday feel and all round peaceful ambiance. Blummin lovely. 

We went for a simple brekkie. There was time after a trip to Heathrow to grab some belly fuel and we opted for the River Gardens as the parking was free and we had time to kill. Accessed straight off the A6 pretty much opposite the Fire Station after the Belper Triangle where Belper Town Football Club Stadium is located, It’s easy to find by Car. But it’s also the kind of place that offers a delicious reward after a stroll. Buggy and wheel chair friendly, The Park Life Cafe ticks a lot of boxes. 

From the standard breakfast choices, We went for a plateful, thick cut Toast, Guacamole and Poached eggs along with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. 

The food was bang on! Perfectly done eggs with oozey centres that mixed perfectly with the zingy Guacamole. A great choice for brunch, enough to fill your belly with out being uncomfortable. There was a lovely Carroty Salsa on the side as well. You can’t beat a good cup of rosie can you and this came in a pot that was enough for second helping. A gentleman can achieve greatness with a nice cup of tea in his tum.

If you are looking to sit outside and enjoy some lovely food, The Park Life cafe could be just the spot for you. It doesn’t have a ‘too local feel’ which can sometimes put off visitors to the area but at the same time, being staffed by local people really makes you feel welcome and part of this excellent community of like minds. People knew each other, they smiled, nodded heads and instantly you felt part of the ‘good choice’ club. 

If you haven’t been down to the River Gardens in a while, maybe it’s time to take a stroll or dependent on which side of Belper you live, give us a call and we’ll give you a lift. We run standard cars, Estate vehicles and 8 seat vans so getting push chairs and Granny in the car won’t be a problem.

The Park Life Cafe gets a big thumbs up from Steves Cars. Being an Amber Valley based taxi company with offices just up from the River Gardens, It’s important we research local places. Being able to recommend good spots to people out of town is as important as being able to chat to locals about awesome hot spots. When people say ‘Have you been to…’ we can say a whole hearted yes followed by ‘and it’s awesome’!

We’d love to hear from you guys about where else we should check out. Say hello over on Facebook if you have a spot you think we need to now about. Don’t forget, Steves Cars operate all over the Amber Valley so from Belper to Duffield, Alfreton to Ripley and up to Matlock, and Cromford keep us in the loop! Our tummies will thank you. 

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